Post by Mischa:

Is this a world tour?

Hi everyone!

We will be visiting new countries and meeting old and new friends this autumn. Next up is Musicport Festival (UK) tomorrow! Then in November we go on our first tour in the US – we are happy that we’ve survived the process of getting the VISA and the permission to enter the country. Well, the nationalist political system and the borders dividing us are never as evident and frustrating as in these processes…

We´ll also be visiting South Africa and the Wild Spirit Backpackers Lodge, Canada at Mundial Montreal, NERFA and more places! Keep yourself updated on our tour plan here and for more active followers check us out on instagram and facebook <3

”Jahoo!”, as we say in Sweden.  ––> Off we go!” 44363518_10155615745201993_7905455012770217984_o

Post by Arvid Rask:

2018 Masterplan in action


We started the year with Folk Alliance International, and our first ever visit to the US. What great experience it was! 18 performances and one Official Showcase.
We’re now putting together the last bits and pieces for our upcoming tour that derived straight from FAI 2018. We’re thrilled and grateful, and can’t wait to present the tour schedule soon!
Below you can watch our final performance, gig no.18 done in just four days!

Around the corner music awaits!

Up next is we’re meeting for two weeks to write music for… OUR NEXT ALBUM!
That’s all you get for now… more info to come.

Then we’ll be touring as usual during the summer, mainly with our dear VÄRLDENS BAND, with which we’re releasing our second studio album in June. But there’ll be plenty of options to see just Kolonien as well. Keep a look out on GIGS section here, as it will be updated constantly.
Thrilled also to be looking forward to UK gigs this fall. And after our US tour in November – we will wrap up the year with a tour in SOUTH AFRICA!
But about that later…


31150389_1678780015502530_3876813201366581248_nWe had a great tour the other week together with Abdou Cissokho, Kora player, and Neemat Battah, Oud player and singer – whom we invited to play together with us, explore music and have fun! Thanks to everyone who showed up for the gigs. Live videos coming soon…


29512746_1646013448779187_6302795272007188480_oGOTHENBURG EXCHANGE

Lastly I want to share a shake hand-filmed live video with you from the great weekend we had in Gothenburg at Pustervik when Folk Alliance International came to town. (See below).
That was such a good and rewarding event with such great people…

That’s all for now. Speak soon.

// Arvid

Post by Arvid Rask:

Starting the new year with USA!

Hello dear friends! 

We’re starting this new year with something really exciting – we’re going to the US for the first time! We’re fired up and ready to go.

We have an official showcase at Folk Alliance International, Kansas City. That is the world’s largest gathering of the folk music industry and community, and we’re honored to be invited.

We hope to meet a lot of great people, both musicians and industry representatives. If you, reading this, are going there also – check out our showcase schedule below and come say hi!

For all our European fans, don’t worry we’ve got a lot cooking for you too. Tour dates are being worked on as we speak, so new music will come your way in 2018.

Love and respect



12.00 am – NIGHT TREE Room 549
12.30 am – THE HOOT/MILES OF MUSIC Room 745

10.30 pm – HOUSE OF SONGS Room 642
11.30 pm – UNITED NATIONS Room 556
12.30 am – FOLK FIRST TIMERS 1 Room 724
2.30 am – THE NEST Room 747

3.00 pm – HOUSE OF SONGS Room 642
3.30 pm – ACCESS FILM MUSIC GREEN Room 629
2.00 am – OMEGA DELTA PSI Room 734
2.30 am – ROCKY MOUNTAIN SUITE Room 532

3.00 pm – KRAZY KEYBOARDS and FRIENDS Room 608 (ITR)
10.30 pm – HOUSE OF SONGS Room 642
11.30 pm – TRADITIONAL MUSIC ROOM Room 645

Post by Mischa:

Winter is coming

Hello everyone!

2017 has been a creative year with plans and new music brewing in the kettle. Looking forward to share it with you all. We have done some 12 shows i Germany, Sweden and Denmark. So less live performances compared to our usual 100-ish gig rate per year. This to make space for furious composing and creative flow.

2018 will be great.

And we also would like inviting you all to be a part of our different individual stories. During the following months you’ll all have the possibillity to follow each member of the band in two week cycles on our two main social medias, Facebook and Instagram ⚡️ First out is me Mischa Grind⚡️

Stay tuned and see you all soon!

Keep ypur eyes and ears open for new music and tourdates!

Post by Arvid Rask:


Summer is just around the corner, and so is our tour! We will play in Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Norway and England the coming months. Check out our schedule by clicking the bold letters below :)


We’ve been a bit inactive here on the internet, but all the more active in real life. More new music is brewing steadily and we are slowly making plans for sharing it with you.

We’ve had a spring with just a few (but awesome) gigs, having had space for reflection and connecting with the roots again after the super intense (and even more awesome) 2015. A very welcomed feeling.

Now we are longing for warm summer breezes, adventures abroad, great conversations and barefoot dancing.See you on the road // Kolonien

See you on the road // Kolonien

Post by Arvid Rask:


Winter music! After the super long autumn tour we started to really look forward to this time of the year, the time where everything slows down a bit. Where there’s finally time to collect all the ideas for new music that has been brewing and polish them into songs.
This winter will be a classic Kolonien winter, meaning that all of us will scatter for a month or two searching for individual adventures.

Mischa will go to Senegal to play djembe until his hands are swollen to the size of clay tiles. Actually he’s already there, in Senegal. Right now. Lucky guy.

Anna will go to Kamerun. Or was it India? Somewhere warm with great potential of spiritual experiences, certainly.

Erik will go to Panama to … (drumroll)… watch birds! He’s going today actually. Wow.

Me? I will have another child in just four weeks. That’s a journey enough. So I will stay in Sweden, loyal to the cold and the snow.

Looking forward getting back on the road later on, to a spring and summer full of new music.
Take care!

Love / Arvid


Post by Arvid Rask:


It’s time to tour again. We have had a great summer, with booth time to rest and to do concerts, with Stockholm Folk Festival, Peace & Love festival and the tour we did in Norway in august being our personal highlights.

But now we’re about to embark on something even bigger!
For the fifth time we will gather VÄRLDENS BAND and do a huge two month tour in Sweden, England, Scotland, Norway and Denmark. For this we will release our debut album with Världens Band, Transglobal Roots Fusion. An album that just received its first review yesterday, with top-result in music magazine LIRA.
So we’re excited to see how all of you will like it once it’s out there.

We will give a couple of full Kolonien shows as well on this tour as well.
So we want to invite you to come see us and join the movement this autumn. Check the tour plan out, book your tickets and spread the word <3

Turneplan-FB kopia

Post by Arvid Rask:


Today 11am we released our new album DRÖMMARNAS LAND!
Available world-wide through streaming services such as Spotify, Itunes and Soundcloud.
But the best way to enjoy the new music is by far, is ordering a physical copy here on the website! See you on tour/Arvid



Big thanks to everyone who supported us in making this CD. Friends, families and colleagues without whom Kolonien wouldn’t exist.
And massive love to all of you following, listening and dancing at our concerts, you really keep us going!

We are forever thankful to Petter Ericsson for recording and producing our album. We love you!
Thanks to MTA Productions and Vincent Bell for planning, booking and advising us with such expertise! Respect.

Post by Arvid Rask:


Hello Folks! Today we released our first official music video and the new single ”Allting Står Stilla” from our new album!

Check in and check it out <3 And please share it to support us.
Spread the music over and beyond the internet horizon!

Listen to the song: HERE










Post by Arvid Rask:


Vi är otroligt glada att kunna skriva till er idag. Vi har sett fram emot detta ända sedan vi klev ur turnébussen i September och satte oss ner för att skriva nya låtar till en helt ny skiva.
En intensiv resa blev det, som tagit oss igenom både inre och yttre förändringar.

Den heter DRÖMMARNAS LAND och kommer släppas den NIONDE APRIL!
Vi tycker att detta är det bästa vi någonsin gjort, faktiskt!
Vi hoppas att även ni kommer ta till er denna nya musik till era hjärtan.

Press 4Detta blir en skiva med enbart svenska texter, till skillnad från vår första platta som huvudsakligen var på engelska, då den skrevs på turnéer utomlands.
Denna skiva skrevs i en källarlokal i Göteborg. Mitt under supervalårets hetsiga slutspurt i september 2014.

 gör poesi av bristerna i ett system som är på kollisionskurs med sig självt. Av drömmarna som inte får plats och alla de drömmar som egentligen inte behövs. En elektro-akustisk frustration över en verklighet som är alltför lätt att sova sig igenom.

IMG_6075 IMG_6070Till inspelningen av DRÖMMARNAS LAND har vi jobbat med den fantastiske Petter Eriksson som producent, som bl.a. producerat våra favoriter Kultiration och Glesbygd’n. En riktig ljudgud som lyft våra låtar till nya världar. Big up!


Vi har spelat in alla grunder live, i Studio Epidemin i Göteborg. En otroligt skön känsla att kunna stå öga mot öga med resten av bandet och kunna spela rakt av, vilket nog gett plattan en annan nerv och fått musiken att släppa loss som det brukar göra när vi står på scen eller i jobbar i replokalen.

Därefter har vi vidgat vyerna rejält från sist och experimenterat fram Koloniens nya sound.
Vi har använt flera nya instrument, så som pedal steel, syntar, elgitarrer, trumpet, flygelhorn, orgel, piano, nyckelharpa, kontrabas, wurlitzer m.m.

Nu vill vi att ni hjälper oss att sprida ordet till ALLA, att ni kollar in vårt turnéschema och kommer ut i den friska vårluften för att dansa och fira med oss.