Post by Mischa:


Long time no see!!

Right now we’re enjoying our second tour in Canada & USA – on the pic we’re trekking in the Algonquin Park on our way to our first gig in Ottawa!

Although it is with mixed feelings, writing this from the other side of the ocean, we also want to express our full and hopeful (!) support for the transition movement that is now gathering all over the world. We’ve had enough! It is happening, and it has only just begun.

We all need to contribute, but this is bigger than the individual. Only a system change can save our planet. Politicians, world leaders, capital and big corporations – take your responsibility. You no longer have a choice. Follow the brave fellows who are ahead and act NOW! Let justice, equality and sustainability go hand in hand as we give our children back their dreams.

Follow our continues tour via this link ––> <–– Hope to see u on the road <3 <3 <3



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