Post by Arvid Rask:

2018 Masterplan in action


We started the year with Folk Alliance International, and our first ever visit to the US. What great experience it was! 18 performances and one Official Showcase.
We’re now putting together the last bits and pieces for our upcoming tour that derived straight from FAI 2018. We’re thrilled and grateful, and can’t wait to present the tour schedule soon!
Below you can watch our final performance, gig no.18 done in just four days!

Around the corner music awaits!

Up next is we’re meeting for two weeks to write music for… OUR NEXT ALBUM!
That’s all you get for now… more info to come.

Then we’ll be touring as usual during the summer, mainly with our dear VÄRLDENS BAND, with which we’re releasing our second studio album in June. But there’ll be plenty of options to see just Kolonien as well. Keep a look out on GIGS section here, as it will be updated constantly.
Thrilled also to be looking forward to UK gigs this fall. And after our US tour in November – we will wrap up the year with a tour in SOUTH AFRICA!
But about that later…


31150389_1678780015502530_3876813201366581248_nWe had a great tour the other week together with Abdou Cissokho, Kora player, and Neemat Battah, Oud player and singer – whom we invited to play together with us, explore music and have fun! Thanks to everyone who showed up for the gigs. Live videos coming soon…


29512746_1646013448779187_6302795272007188480_oGOTHENBURG EXCHANGE

Lastly I want to share a shake hand-filmed live video with you from the great weekend we had in Gothenburg at Pustervik when Folk Alliance International came to town. (See below).
That was such a good and rewarding event with such great people…

That’s all for now. Speak soon.

// Arvid


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