Post by Mischa:

Winter is coming

Hello everyone!

2017 has been a creative year with plans and new music brewing in the kettle. Looking forward to share it with you all. We have done some 12 shows i Germany, Sweden and Denmark. So less live performances compared to our usual 100-ish gig rate per year. This to make space for furious composing and creative flow.

2018 will be great.

And we also would like inviting you all to be a part of our different individual stories. During the following months you’ll all have the possibillity to follow each member of the band in two week cycles on our two main social medias, Facebook and Instagram ⚡️ First out is me Mischa Grind⚡️

Stay tuned and see you all soon!

Keep ypur eyes and ears open for new music and tourdates!



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