Post by Arvid Rask:


Winter music! After the super long autumn tour we started to really look forward to this time of the year, the time where everything slows down a bit. Where there’s finally time to collect all the ideas for new music that has been brewing and polish them into songs.
This winter will be a classic Kolonien winter, meaning that all of us will scatter for a month or two searching for individual adventures.

Mischa will go to Senegal to play djembe until his hands are swollen to the size of clay tiles. Actually he’s already there, in Senegal. Right now. Lucky guy.

Anna will go to Kamerun. Or was it India? Somewhere warm with great potential of spiritual experiences, certainly.

Erik will go to Panama to … (drumroll)… watch birds! He’s going today actually. Wow.

Me? I will have another child in just four weeks. That’s a journey enough. So I will stay in Sweden, loyal to the cold and the snow.

Looking forward getting back on the road later on, to a spring and summer full of new music.
Take care!

Love / Arvid



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