Post by Arvid Rask:


It’s time to tour again. We have had a great summer, with booth time to rest and to do concerts, with Stockholm Folk Festival, Peace & Love festival and the tour we did in Norway in august being our personal highlights.

But now we’re about to embark on something even bigger!
For the fifth time we will gather VÄRLDENS BAND and do a huge two month tour in Sweden, England, Scotland, Norway and Denmark. For this we will release our debut album with Världens Band, Transglobal Roots Fusion. An album that just received its first review yesterday, with top-result in music magazine LIRA.
So we’re excited to see how all of you will like it once it’s out there.

We will give a couple of full Kolonien shows as well on this tour as well.
So we want to invite you to come see us and join the movement this autumn. Check the tour plan out, book your tickets and spread the word <3

Turneplan-FB kopia


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