Post by Arvid Rask:

New times ahead!

As people who follow us in daily life and on places like Facebook and Soundcloud have noticed – KOLONIEN is now back on track after our three month winter vacation! 

We’ve spent our time under palm trees in Senegal jamming on west african grooves, climbing mountains in Nepal, sleeping under stars i Jaipur, India, watching 525 different species of birds in Ethiopia and being Pappaledig (spending quality time with the kids, and getting money for it)  in Järna, Sweden.
In other words, a fantastic winter!


But it’s good to be back! And with this post we officially bring this website back to life and do so by releasing the first concert dates for 2014! 

See all under the GIGS page. Please share it, and come and dance with us! 

We will, as released earlier, besides touring on our own also bring our project VÄRLDENS BAND back together in sweden again and tour in July and August. Will be truly epic!



Lots of more dates to come – enjoy the appetizer!



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